jenjr Store COBRA 29 LTD CLASSIC AMERICAN CUSTOM CB RADIO,LOUD!! "COBRA 29 LTD CLASSIC CUSTOM C.B. RADIO"Up for auction today is this, Very Nice, Custom American Flag Cobra 29 LTD Classic, 40 channel C.B Radio. This Custom Cobra 29 LTD is a Loud Talking Powerful Radio. This Radio is Complete with a Power Cord, and an Upgraded New American Flag Cobra M-73 Microphone. This Custom Cobra 29 is a Real Talker, Very Powerful, with Full Audio OutPut, and Will Out Talk Most Radios Today. This Radio has been Completely Serviced by a Qualified Radio Technician.All Components Are Installed By "J.R.'s Radio Service".New Blue Long Life, UltraBright, Signal Meter LED Installed. For High Visibility, in Low Light Conditions. New Blue Long Life, UltraBright LED Digital Channel Segments Installed. The Blue Digits are Very Pleasing to the Eye at Night.New Custom TalkBack with In/Out Control, Mounted where The Channel 9 Flip Switch is Located. This Feature allows You to Hear What You Sound Like, "On The Air", and Adjust your Echo, To Sound Just The Way You Want It!!New Receive with Low Noise Supression Filters, for High Quality Receive, with Less Floor Noise.New Modulation Swing Kit, for 2 Watt Dead Key, with Full OutPut Power. Very Loud!!New Connex Styed Digital Echo, with Many Different Variations of Endless Echo, with Many Sound Variations, and Lots of Time Delay Settings. Installed in The SWR Control Position. This Echo Board is Professionally Mounted to the Chassis.New Custom American Flag FacePlate.New American Flag Emblem, on a New Cobra M-73 Microphone. This Radio has been Aligned, Peaked, and Tuned, with a New Modulation Swing Kit Installed, for Low 1 Watt Key, and Swings Loud, at Full Output Power. Modulation has Been Set at 100% OutPut. This Custom American Flag Cobra 29 LTD Radio is Very Loud, and Clear, with High Receive, and It's "Very Powerful", with a Big Swing, as The Connex Echo Really Drives the Finals. Tested This Cobra Radio On The Air, with Many Reports where Operators said, It was Very Loud, with a Big Modulation Swing of 3 to 4, S-Meter Db Gains. The Radio has Some Nicks, Marks, and Scratches on it, But Still Looks Good. We are a Full Time Radio Shop, and We Offer Mosfet, RFX Finals, and Other Modifications, To be Installed After The Sale. Just Write, or Call Us, and Tell Us What You Want!! All the Work is Done By a Qualified Radio Technician with Over 30 Years In The Field. We offer a Full Return Guarantee, That Other Sellers Will Not Offer. This Powerful Custom American Flag Cobra 29 LTD Radio, will be Double-Boxed, Insured, and Shipped To Your Door by Fed-Ex. "J.R.'s Radio Service" (336) 623-9934.Check our Ebay Store for more Great Radios.Due To Non-Paying Bidders, Ebay Members with 10 or Less Feedbacks, Must Contact Us Prior To Bidding. PAYMENT MUST BE PAID BY PAYPAL IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE SALE ENDSREAD OUR FEEDBACKS AND BID WITH CONFIDENCE"WE THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AT OUR AUCTION" &nbsp Other images were obtained from NASAJPL-Caltech.

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